Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to rent a margarita machine from The Margarita Man?

Our prices tend to vary on each order. Call the Margarita Man today to learn more!

Are the machines easy to use?

Yes indeed. We mix your first batch for you and show you how to use the machine. We leave clear printed instructions. NO ICE IS NEEDED!

How many drinks does one batch yield?

One batch of lime margarita makes about 80 eight-ounce drinks. Other flavors produce about 65 eight-ounce drinks. Our experience shows that 50-70% of guests drink the frozen drinks even if offered the option of beer and wine. We recommend one batch for every 25 frozen beverage drinkers. See our How much to order section for machine and mix estimates. Following this guide will help prevent overworking the machines. While we estimate the number of mixes to bring based upon your party size, extra mixes ARE REFUNDABLE IF RETURNED UNOPENED. 

How long does the first batch take?

Indoors about 40 minutes, outside on warm days, about an hour. There is no waiting between batches because you add to the reservoir as you go, preferably before machines's mix-low alert light comes on. 

Who provides the liquor and how much is needed?

The customer provides all liquor. A medium strength batch of margaritas calls for three liters tequila, and a half to one liter triple sec. 

Are other kinds of drinks available?

Absolutely. We have KIDS flavors too! Flavors especially made for kids are Blue Raspberry, Watermelon and Tropical Punch.